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We are so glad that you are considering joining us. Let me give you some of the specifics of what our club is about and how it works. First of all, I think you won’t find a more welcoming group of horse crazy kids (and parents!) anywhere; but I always tell people to “come try it on for size”. Not everyone is looking for the same thing in a club.

Some Facts About Our Club

We have currently about 20 participating youth members. We also have an adult program that has about 12 members. Not all our members own horses but they all have access to horses (which most often we can provide). Some do the educational portion only and some do the lessons but most do both. If someone does not have access to a horse, we will try our best to make arrangements for them.

We try very hard to keep the costs down. We are a non-profit dedicated to providing a program to any child that has a desire to ride and learn about horses. We have a lot of committed families that are willing to share horses or “lease for lesson day” situations.

I’ll give a breakdown of the costs for you:

Annual National Membership: $110 (renewing) and $130 (first timers)
Annual Regional Membership: $60 annually ($75.00 prorated for members joining after 9/1/2014)
Monthly Dues: $15
Lessons (groups of 3-5): $80/month for 1 weekly lesson and $160/month for 2 weekly lessons
Horse sharing: varies by individual but typically: $80/month for one day a week use
$200/month for a half lease (3x a week)

See our Calendar for upcoming events and lessons

Our “unmounted meetings” are our educational time and we usually meet once a month. They can vary from a field trip to our patch program to a special event. Our patch program is similar to girl/boy scouts in that the children learn horse related skills and then receive a patch as a reward for their achievement.

We have a variety of field trips. This year we went to see the show Cavalia, did a polo experience and visited the racetrack. Pony Club also has a regional summer camp that is a highlight for many of our kids.

We also have kids who are competing. They compete at Pony Club Rallies as well as local hunter and dressage shows.

We also feel strongly that our kids understand what a privilege it is to be able to ride, so we participate in volunteer opportunities such as helping at the OCFair or running a one day camp for the Big Brother/Big Sister program.

We hope that our kids not only learn about horses but also learn valuable life lessons like responsibility, leadership, empathy and self esteem. Watch our video!

Please feel free to come check us out. Our calendar with locations is posted on the website. See the map.

PDF file  Pony Club Membership Application

Please download, complete the application and mail them to:

Royal Riders Pony Club

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If you are an adult and want to join Horsemasters click here

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