Considering Joining Horsemasters?

OVER 21?


If you are over 21 and you want to be a part of a fun and supportive group to learn about horsemanship and riding (regardless of your level of experience), we want to invite you to join the Horsemasters. Or maybe your child is getting way ahead of you with horses, and you want to catch up so you can enjoy it more together as a family. Whether you want to learn to ride, improve your riding, or just get a better understanding of basic horse care and handling, this is the group for you.

The cost is $145 annually. You will be kept informed with quarterly newletters, have the opportunity to ride in some special Pony Club clinics and events, and you will be able to participate in our quarterly Horsemasters meetings at no additional cost. For an additional fee, you will be able to take customized riding lessons from our instructor, Cindy Bennett.

Here are some of the upcoming quarterly meetings we have planned exclusively for our Horsemasters members:
  • Dressage Mock Show
  • Horsemanship Class
  • Equitation Clinic
  • Video Night (reviewing videos of riders and students together)


The Horsemaster Program is designed to teach interested adults about Pony Club and to help increase our valued Pony Club volunteer base. All adults are welcome, whether or not they have prior equine experience. While some activities are geared toward beginning riders, we welcome more experienced and highly-skilled adults and Pony Club alumni as well!

Members of Horsemaster groups become corporate members of USPC, and friends or sponsors (at the DC's discretion) of the club/region.

The USPC Horsemaster Program for Adult Volunteers affords the opportunity for adults to experience many of the same benefits that Pony Club youth members receive:  the chance to learn from our excellent curriculum, an opportunity to be part of a team of like-minded individuals wanting to work together, and a venue to enjoy a horse.  Horsemasters follow the USPC curriculum in an adult-friendly format, which allows adults to explore areas of interest and customize their own program of study to meet their individual needs.  The Horsemasters Program does not have Pony Club ratings as such; instead, it affords participants a way to measure their progression with an evaluation process of checking off areas studied, practiced and proficiency acquired. We hope all your members will have a good time and hone their skills in both Horse Management and riding, as well as learn more about Pony Club.  

If you are interested in joining the Pony Club's Horsemasters Program,
please download and complete the membership form and email it to:

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Horsemasters Membership Form
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